2004 Italian Formula 3 Championship (Team Ombra): ITALIAN CHAMPION (a pole position, two 1st places, five 2nd places, a 3rd place)

2003 Formula 3000 Championship (Traini Corse Racing Team): one race in Brno, 4th place

2003 Italian Formula 3 Championship (WRC Racing Team): four races, two 4th places

2002 Formula Renault 2000 (Bicar Racing): 18th classified

2001 Formula Renault 2000 (System Team): 19th classified (50 participants) - 6th classified at the International Finals (Estoril)

1998-2000 Go-Kart: 3rd classified in the International Championship

1992-1997 Go-Kart: twenty 1st winsin the National Championship