NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2017 Good news comes from the Total 24 Hours of Spa (Belgium): Matteo Cressoni is fine.

Innocent victim of a terrible accident at 6.10 AM, the Italian driver was resigned a few hours later from the Verviers hospital where he had been transported for further examinations that revealed a fracture of the left clavicle and a strong contusion trauma (with suspicion microfracture) to the ankle, as well as a series of minor contusions in the lower limbs.

Considering the severity of the collision, the sporting result goes into the background, but it is worth mentioning Matteo's PRO-AM third position (16th overall) at the time of the incident: the Mantua driver was completing the last lap at the end of his double stint who had seen him make a spectacular comeback to the back of the second, when out of the fast-paced curve Paul Frère hit a car incredibly intent on crossing the track in the wicked attempt to regain after a previous exit.

Nothing could done Matteo to avoid the impact, by telemetry verification at about 200 km / h, even the attempt to discard to the right had no effect: the Lamborghini no. 77, which was crossing perpendicularly the runway out of a blind curve, immediately took fire, transferring the flames also to the Ferrari from which Cressoni came out autonomously despite the shock and wounds reported.

All the material related to the incident (tv shots, camera car, telemetry data) has been withdrawn by the Race Direction for the investigation on the incident and for the determination of the responsibilities, even if already clear for immediate admission of the same Race Direction.

Matteo Cressoni has back home the following day and undertook further examinations and visits to determine recovery times, which should take about a month of total rest; the participation at the last round of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup in Barcelona (September 30th / October 1st) and the last round of the NAEC - North American Endurance Cup, the 10 Hours Petit Le Mans in USA (from October 4th to 7th) should not be in doubt.

Good rest and good healing Matteo, you'll be back stronger than before!

The Staff of Fan Club Matteo Cressoni